Five Plus Size Fashion Rules You Need to Break Now (2015)
I create list articles that use images from plus size bloggers on Instagram and Twitter to show the newest and hottest trends in plus size fashion.  This is the very first article I wrote for the magazine.

China’s Outside City (2012)
I worked with a professor and other students to create a much bigger project about the growing number of Chinese international students at my school.  For that semester, I focused on the relationship between Hong Kong and the rest of China.

MSU Transfer Students Facing Challenges (2012)
It’s that time of year again!  The time of year when we Spartans reconvene at our beloved school and get ready for the year ahead.  However, transfer students must not only get used to a new school and new surroundings, but have a totally different and often more challenging set of obstacles to go through than incoming freshmen.

Hope for Michigan After GM (2010)
Duane Wolfgang worked for General Motor’s in Lansing for 25 years.  Two years ago, GM gave Wolfgang an ultimatum: retire or stay and work on the assembly line with a drastic pay cut.  Thousands of GM workers made the same difficult decision as the company faced bankruptcy in 2009.

Eviction: Between a Rock and No Place (2010)
Seven years ago, Danny Partin, his wife and children were evicted from their apartment.  Partin was making a decent living but somehow fell behind in rent and, with no way of catching up on payments, he and his family were forced onto the streets.  After his wife and children left him, Partin remained on the streets for a month before moving back in with his parents.

Eviction: Between a Rock and No Place (2010)
In his State of the City address on Jan. 24, Mayor Virg Bernero spoke of the regrowth and rebuilding of Lansing, a point stressed by the Knapp Department Store Building’s new façade. The Knapp Centre lay dormant for 20 years but will undergo renovation this spring, much like the city of Lansing.


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