Graphic design was not my first love– in fact I never thought I would get into it.  My mom is the artist in the family.  I was always more attracted to audio and radio stories.  However, after taking a couple classes on visual communications and spending a summer in Spain studying infographics and typography, I realized… this stuff is awesome!  Magazine layouts, infographics, designing ANYTHING.  It’s all very fun!

Fighting Against Women’s Cancers: My first infographic at KDLG public radio in Dillingham.  I created the full package for the radio and the graphic to accompany it online.

Tightening America’s Sugar Belt: My very first infographic!  I was obsessed with the obesity epidemic in the US and I knew there had to be a correlation between that and poverty.  This graphic explores those ideas.

Ink Inc.: I created the graphics and layout for this moc tattoo magazine.  I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had making the cover and the female skull!

China’s Outside City: I worked with a professor and other students to create a much bigger project about the growing number of Chinese international students at my school.  For that semester, I focused on the relationship between Hong Kong and the rest of China.

Front Page: I created this cover for an exercise we did in my design class.


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